Project Plan

The project plan involved the restoration of the homestead and the older adjoining building (photos inserted), re-construction of the blacksmith shop, smokehouse, stables, sulky shed, milking bales and yard, horse yard, outhouse, storage shed and corn shed. We also hoped to re-construct the old church which was lost to bushfires in the early 2000s opposite the heritage listed cemetery.. A museum was also be provided on-site and new self-composting toilets be supplied discreetly so as not to detract from the authentic appearance of the site.

Much of these proposals have been stalled by Central Coast Council in considering our Development Application. Whilst approving the restoration of the two existing buildings, council has rejected our business plan and all other related proposals. This decision will have major impacts on our ability to raise the funds needed for the restoration as follows:

  • Our proposal to create a museum on site has been rejected;
  • A planned visitation programme involving guided tours by schools, retirement village residents, historical societies etc has been rejected’
  • We are currently endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office as a deductible gift recipient. This allows us to raise funds via donations and giving the doners tax deductibility for their donations. Without the museum and visitation programme described above, that deductibility will be under threat;
  • Should we be successful in raising the substantial funds required but fail to have the above council decision reversed, we will be unable to use the funds for the purposes described and will be forced to pay those amounts to another similar charity with tax deductibility.

It is our intention to proceed with our fund raising proposals and to continue our fight to have Central Coast Council reverse the negative and punitive restrictions.

Donors may be assured that, if we fail in these endeavours, the money will be transferred to a charity with similar heritage aims.