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Membership fees are set each year by the management committee and are currently as follows:

Application fee (once only) $2.00
Membership fee 5.00
Total first year $7.00 (on line receipts will show this as one total fee)

Subsequent years will attract a fee of $5.00 unless the committee decides to amend the relevant amount. No fee changes have been made since inception of the Association.

The Management Committee has determined that fees paid by new members joining after 1 April in any financial year will apply from the date of joining until 30 June in the next calendar year (this avoids a need to again pay fees only a short time after joining)
NB. There is no need to complete details of a nominee or seconder. Our Management Committee will consider your application and two members of the committee will consider nominating and seconding your application.

Membership numbers are vital to our success for a number of reasons. Firstly, large member numbers are influential in swaying council (and Councillors) attitudes towards our proposals, particularly in respect to establishment of a museum and importantly in allowing site visits. The payment of membership fees also provide financial assistance to us and, although small in dollar terms per member, can provide larger income when they come in large member numbers. This income then reduces the fundraising requirements from other sources.

As an example, if we attracted 20000 members who then renewed their membership the following year, the total membership fees received would provide more than 50% of our total needs.

We will welcome applications for membership and will process these quickly.

To apply – Complete the form below.

Application for Membership

Appendix 1 Application for membership of association

Fairview Homestead Association Inc.

ABN 98 200 334 983
Incorporated (incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act 2009)

Full name of applicant
Address of applicant
I hereby apply to become a member of the abovenamed incorporated association. In the event of my admission as a member, I agree to be bound by the constitution of the association for the time being in force.


Details of nomination
A member of the association, nominated the applicant for membership of the association.
Nominated by*
A member of the association, seconded the nomination of the applicant for membership of the association
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